Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2818 - A Single String, a Single Column of Reminiscence

Chapter 2818 A Single String, a Single Column of Reminiscence

“You were able to avoid my spiritual storm? Not bad. But you guys are still too young to face me. Hehehe” Dieyi Fairy giggled sinisterly.

Jiang Chen felt that  Mo Ling Dongchen must be feeling very uncomfortable. Looks like it would be hard to get Dieyi Fairy out of her body.

Could she be an Emperor Spirit? Even so… for a spirit to be this powerful, she’s definitely not your average joe.

“Dieyi Fairy, I believe we do not have any enmity between us, why are you doing this?” Jiang Chen said while squinting his eyes.

“Why waste your energy talking to her?” Mo Fangzhou said while gritting his teeth.

“Then why don’t you duke it out with her? See who’s going to win?” Jiang Chen said.

Talk is cheap. If he’s stronger than her, she wouldn’t have gotten away with it.

“You…”  Mo Fangzhou became speechless. Looks like this fella’s a selfish one.

“Who are you to teach how I, Dieyi Fairy, do things? What I want to do, how I want to do it, what can you do about it? Kekeke.” Dieyi Fairy said calmly, ignoring the others.

She was aiming at Donghuang Taiji and Murong Yun’er.

“Two little fellas, follow me… I’ll make sure that you’ll stay together, forever. Kekeke.”

Dieyi Fairy’s gaze became cold as she flew towards Donghuang Taiji’s side swiftly.

Jiang Chen instantly enlarged the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, protecting everyone. At that moment, Dieyi Fairy’s expression changed drastically as she struck upon the pagoda, however, only a small ripple could be seen and no damage was made.

“This… pagoda, how did you obtain it?” Dieyi Fairy said coldly.

She felt an extreme pressure from the pagoda. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t strong enough to unleash the full potential of this pagoda.

“What does this matter to you?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Alright! Good lad, you’re ballsy. I can’t do anything against you, so as you to me, I like this body, we’ll see each other again in the future.” Dieyi Fairy said and turned, intending to leave.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t planning on letting her go so easily as Dongchen was still under her control, Jiang Chen was worried.

“Since we can’t do anything against each other, why don’t we sit down and have a chat?”

Dieyi Fairy paused and turned back, looking at Jiang Chen with an interested gaze as she slightly nodded.

“You’re right. Why don’t we make a deal?”

“I’m listening.” Jiang Chen said.

Dieyi Fairy crossed her arms and scanned Jiang Chen, then said:

“Cross this mountain and the Mount Du Juan is over there, destroy all the azalea flowers on the mountain and I’ll return her to you.”

“Mount Du Juan?”

Mo Fangzhou and A’Mo Kehan’s expression changed drastically, the mountain that they’re looking for was right over there?!

“That’s all?” Jiang Chen said.

Looks like the mountain was just over there, however, the price of this information was the safety of Mo Ling Dongchen.

“I would be struck by the Supreme Heavenly Lightning if I were to go against my word and perish from this world.” Dieyi Fairy vowed.

Jiang Chen frowned. Could this request be that simple? Could she not do it herself? Destroying all the azalea flowers? Or… is there something over there that even she can’t do anything against?

“I know that you don’t believe me, but this is your only chance. Don’t ask me for anything else, I will not tell you anything.” Dieyi Fairy looked towards the other side and said.

Whether Jiang Chen agreed or refused her deal, that grieving gaze of hers was looking towards Mount Du Juan.

Jiang Chen was deep in thought. Yes, I am left with no choice, I can only believe this Dieyi Fairy, plus, there’s nothing I can do to her. She’s definitely not your average Divine Emperor spirit. It should be simple for her to destroy those flowers with her butterflies, why didn’t she do so?

“Alright, I’ll accept it!” Jiang Chen said to Dieyi Fairy.

Although they were at a disadvantage, she didn’t look like she’s lying to him.

“Come look for me when you’ve destroyed those azalea flowers. This mountain will only trap those who’re truly in love with each other. Only those who are in love shall be lost. Those without love will be able to discern those that are disloyal!”

Dieyi Fairy  then disappeared from the air.

“A sad fity string zither, a single string, a single column of reminiscence.”

Suddenly, a tone from a zither resounded amongst the butterflies, reverberating through the mountain.

Jiang Chen was intoxicated from the tune of the zither in a split instant.

“Why? Why don’t you pursue her?” Mo Fangzhou said.

“Shut up, do you think Brother Jiang will stand idle if there was an opportunity? That person is too strong, don’t you realise that?” A’Mo Kehan gritted his teeth and said.

A’Mo Kehan was confident that he could at least endure a single strike from Jiang Chen but that person just simply waved her hand, he lost from a single swing of her arms, that was pure strength.

“Perhaps that is the reason why you guys are stuck here. Lost because of love, without love, you guys will not be trapped. Only those who are in love with each other will be attracted to this mirage-like scenery.”

Jiang Chen looked towards Donghuang Taiji and Murong Yun’er. Even so, perhaps, Fang Bi could’ve been wrong and he couldn’t accept it.

Donghuang Taiji and Murong Yun’er looked at each other and their lips curved into a pale smile. It’s enough with you by my side.

“Brother Jiang, what should we do? Are we going to destroy those azalea flowers? Could we believe what she said?” A’Mo Kehan asked, feeling slightly puzzled.

“We don’t have a choice, we can only choose to trust her.” Jiang Chen said quietly.

He too did not have any choice, he couldn’t stop the Dieyi Fairy, however, he was able to see the feelings coming from her eyes were real, a tinge of hatred, sinister, anger, un-acceptance.

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