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Chapter 532 - Law Emperor Yu Hua

Chapter 532: Law Emperor Yu Hua

Instant movement was no simple technique. It required a precise grasp of the Law of Space; it also required the fastest control of constructing and collapsing a spatial barrier. Without the cultivation of a Law Sovereign, even with the best of talents, one would find it very hard to pull off this technique successfully.

Given that this man could instantly appear at Xia Fei’s side so easily, he clearly had a high level of cultivation. It must be understood that the distance between him and Xia Fei was less than one hundred meters, and the closer the distance, the harder it was to use instant movement!

The bald man’s hand thrust like a knife at Xia Fei’s heart!

The fingers crackled with blue lightning. This was not the power of any law, but the man’s ability: lightning!


The Dragonscale Hectoslasher suddenly transformed into a giant saber which swung out horizontally to block the path of the man’s thrusting hand!


As the bald man’s hand struck Xia Fei’s saber, there was a massive explosion!

Electricity coursed through Xia Fei’s body as if he had been struck by lightning, and the hair on his head stood on end! Every inch of his muscles ached!

Xia Fei’s body was forced back one hundred steps. His feet were buried into the rocks, leaving two deep furrows in the ground!

“Your reaction’s rather fast. A pity you didn’t use a spatial screen; otherwise, the electricity would’ve found it difficult to wound you!” the bald man coldly said. He was implying that he had not used his full strength and had just attacked to test Xia Fei’s cultivation.

Xia Fei did not answer. He bent his body, appearing like a tree being battered by the wind. He leaned his body toward the ground while his legs began to bend slightly as he built up power.

The bald man was startled. In this state, Xia Fei was clearly building up power for a counterattack. He had gone easy on Xia Fei moments ago, but he had not imagined that Xia Fei would still refuse to concede.


*Bang bang bang!*

Furball had already been waiting, and as soon as Xia Fei gave the order, it spat out more than a dozen energy balls. Like a cannon installed on Xia Fei’s shoulder, it unleashed a continuous salvo!

Furball’s attacks could convert matter into energy. The bald man realized that something was strange about it, so it did not dare to take the attack directly and, instead, dodged quickly.

“Chain Blockade!”

His movements had some order to them, and Xia Fei spotted a break between his dodges and unleashed his spatial tears!

This was not the end of his attack yet. Xia Fei unleashed the accumulated power in his body and charged forward!

Three layers of attacks!

The first layer was Furball’s white cannonball fire, the second layer was the spatial tears, and the third layer was Xia Fei’s Sly Thrust!

It was like the waves beating on the shore!

Even if he dodged the first layer, there was still a second and a third!

Each one was fatal!

This was the style Xia Fei had developed after far too many battles: wave attacking!

The bald man assumed a fighting stance, and a round shield suddenly appeared in his right hand!

“A Law weapon!”

Many of the weapons used in the Law Realm had Law force attached to them. A true master simply needed to add Law force to ordinary weapons when creating Law weapons and they could sell for astronomical prices! This was one of the paths to prosperity.

After all, the most numerous in this realm were the low-ranking Law Warriors. They could go their entire lives without reaching a higher rank. Once they had a Law weapon created by a high-ranking warrior, they could greatly increase their fighting power!

Of course, granting a weapon Law force was not easy but rather required a specific technique. Thus, they were few in number and extremely expensive.


A multicolored light flew through the air.

A bronze wall appeared around the round shield, dispersing Xia Fei’s attack!


There was another boom!

Xia Fei’s iron fist arrived!

There was clearly a metal shield in front of him, and Xia Fei knew that he could not hit his foe’s body, but he still punched without hesitation!

The bald man’s entire body was forced back one hundred meters! Such was the power of this punch!

The spatial barrier around the round shield instantly shuddered!

The Law of Primal Chaos’s energy infused in Wildstorm was just that powerful!

The two once more assumed fighting positions. Using his lightning ability, the bald man could push back Xia Fei one hundred meters; upon which, Xia Fei would use his Law of Primal Chaos to return the blow in kind and send his opponent flying!

The bald man’s eyes were brimming with shock. He found it hard to believe that Xia Fei’s counterattack would be this powerful!

“So strong!” the bald man sternly said. “This can’t merely be the Law of Space!”

Xia Fei did not answer. He took out a grade 3 Origin Crystal to replenish his energy. While his combination attack was very strong, it consumed a lot of energy.

He slowly unclenched his fist, and a fiery pain spread across his body.

The defense was very strong. Xia Fei could break the defenses of a Demon Chrysalis, but even his full strength could not break this shield!

This Law weapon was clearly a much higher rank than the Lapis Killing Rain.

The sounds of fighting from below gradually grew louder. It was clear that the baldy had not come alone. His subordinates were already fighting the Yu family’s guards.

Glancing down the mountain, Xia Fei saw that there were over fifty black-clothed men battling with the first squad of guards, and both sides were evenly matched.

“Yuan Dian, Master Ghost is getting impatient. Hurry up a little.”

A voice came from the sky, and Xia Fei looked up and saw a man wearing a white cloak standing several hundred meters above him, coldly looking down at them.

“Mu Linbai, don’t go interfering in this old man’s business! I’ll do what I want!” the baldy, Yuan Dian, coldly grunted. The two of them did not seem to like each other.

The white-clothed Mu Linbai shrugged. “Whatever. In any case, you’re the one who will have to take the punishment from Master Ghost.”

With these words, Mu Linbai waved his sleeve and vanished.

Xia Fei frowned as he mentally grumbled. What sort of god had he offended that so many experts wanted to capture him?

Yuan Dian furiously said, “The time is up! Come with me!”

Xia Fei’s full-strength attack had caught Yuan Dian by surprise. His eyes now turned sharp and vicious, his patience completely spent!


Yuan Dian instantly appeared at Xia Fei’s side, his hands pinching Xia Fei from the sides like steel tongs!

“Crafty Approach!”

Xia Fei suddenly crouched, avoiding Yuan Dian by moving under his armpit!


An invisible wall locked down on Xia Fei’s current location. Yuan Dian had used the power of the Law of Space to block off the surroundings! Xia Fei could no longer use his speed ability!

With his lips curving into a savage smile, Yuan Dian turned his hand around and made a grab of him again!


His hand seized Xia Fei’s left arm, and a powerful electric current instantly flowed to every cell in his body.

During moments of danger, a man would instinctively make a conditioned reflex.

Xia Fei’s instinctive reaction was to use the Law of Primal Chaos to protect his body.

That strange and abstruse pattern immediately formed within his seventh brain region, and then something shocking took place!

The powerful electric current, which was in the middle of flowing through Xia Fei, following the Law energy’s emergence, suddenly reversed and attacked the one who had unleashed it!


The summit shuddered!

Yuan Dian was injured by his own electric current, and he was sent flying, his eyes brimming with shock!

The one who had released the ability not only failed to injure his foe, but he had been hurt by the backlash, too!

There was no reasoning that could explain this. It was far too bizarre!

“A chance!” Invigorated, Xia Fei took out a bloodthirsty dagger, the Blood Crystal.

Xia Fei stepped forward and floated forward like a ghost, his dagger stabbing at Yuan Dian.

“Sly Thrust!”

The Blood Crystal would suck away at his foe’s essence blood, crazily devouring it!

Yuan Dian, who was suffering from the backlash of his special ability, had been deprived of his defenses, so the Blood Crystal could stab him without resistance.

Once this bloodthirsty dagger was in, Yuan Dian would have no other choice but to die!


Yuan Dian, who had been thrown back horizontally, suddenly flew upward as if someone was carrying him.

The Blood Crystal swept past his body and only left a wound on his leg. It was unable to devour his blood.

Looking up, Xia Fei saw that Mu Linbai had appeared, and the injured Yuan Dian was held under his armpit.

After shooting Xia Fei a confused glance, Mu Linbai disappeared into the darkness of the night with Yuan Dian.

Less than one-thousandth of a second after he had left, a dazzling red light swept past which almost tore apart the sky!

Such a powerful attack! If Mu Linbai had been just a bit slower, he would have met a gruesome fate!

A smiling figure appeared next to Xia Fei, glancing up at the sky.

“What a pity. I still let him get away,” Yu Hua breezily said.

Xia Fei gave Yu Hua a strange look. That red light, which had torn across the sky moments ago, was clearly some sort of spatial fissure technique, and it had been unleashed by Yu Hua!

“You’re this powerful!” Xia Fei remarked.

Yu Hua nonchalantly looked below. Dark Ghost’s men were rapidly retreating, and the battle was over.

“Though I’m a merchant, that doesn’t mean a merchant can’t know Laws,” Yu Hua said with a smile.

Xia Fei shook his head. “You’re a very formidable merchant. I’ve seen Chief Instructor Yu Luxuan’s attack, and yours was much stronger than his. If my guess is right, you should be a Law Emperor.”

Yu Hua nodded. “Your guess is right, but is there any rule that says a Law Emperor can’t do business?”

Xia Fei did not keep questioning him. Yu Hua was clearly not as harmless as he put on, and he had secrets of his own. For a powerful warrior with Law Emperor cultivation to become an unscrupulous businessman was something that anyone would find strange. That attack he had unleashed earlier was enough to make gods and ghosts weep! It was powerful to an absurd level.

“Who were those people? Why did they want to kill you?” Yu Hua asked.

Xia Fei had not even been in the Law Realm for a month, yet he was being pursued by so many experts. Yu Hua did not know whether to laugh or cry. Was Xia Fei really as the tales from the Alliance made him out to be—someone whom trouble sought even if he did absolutely nothing?

“They didn’t come to kill me but to capture me.”

“Capture you? Who would want to capture you?”

“Some fellow they call Master Ghost.”

“Master Ghost?” Yu Hua smiled. “In this day and age, even cats and dogs like to call themselves ghosts or gods. You can catch someone on the street and find that they call themselves Ghost-something. This name alone won’t be enough to find anything.”

After some thought, Xia Fei added, “Two of his subordinates have the names of Yuan Dian and Mu Linbai.”

Yu Hua nodded, softly saying, “Oh, so they’re Dark Ghost’s men. It seems like someone in the family is working with Dark Ghost. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten in so easily. This drugseller is getting a little too bold.”

Xia Fei suddenly seemed to have a concern and sternly said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first.”

Yu Hua found this rather funny. “Go where? Someone wants to kill you, but you don’t want to know who they are.”

Xia Fei did not turn his head. “I’ll go and find you tomorrow, but I have something urgent to attend to right now.”

Yu Hua did not know why Xia Fei was in such a hurry that he even did not wait to find out who his enemy was.

Phantom curiously asked, “What are you doing? It would be fine to hear him talk about that Ghost fellow.”

Xia Fei whispered, “When I used the Law of Primal Chaos to reverse Yuan Dian’s attack, it seemed to have set off a chain reaction. I’m about to break into the second level of the Law of Primal Chaos.”

“Level 2 of the Law of Primal Chaos!” Phantom exclaimed in shock. “You’ll be making a breakthrough tonight?”

“Tonight!” replied Xia Fei with a firm nod.

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