The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Only Way Out

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“Five million. Xiao Huan, as long you agree to it, I can give you a one-million cut from it. With twenty-one million yuan in total, you’ll still have plenty left after buying a house. You’ll be able to lead your life however you want!” The man showed no signs of embarrassment at having been seen through by his daughter.

As Mu Huan looked at him, she suddenly felt a helpless urge to cry. “I’m your daughter, Dad! No matter how hard I pleaded with you back then, you refused to render me any help despite my strong reluctance to marry Bao Junyan. Now that I have nothing left, however, you’re colluding with them to get me to push Bao Junyan into Mu Kexin’s hands!”

Before her marriage, all she wanted was to move into another city, far away from the Mus, to seek treatment for her granny after saving up enough money for her medical expenses. Knowing the difficult position her father was in, she dared not borrow too much from him — just a mere 50 grand.

However, he refused to lend it to her!

His lack of speaking rights in the family aside, 50,000 was only two days’ worth of allowance for him…

“Have you ever considered my position and interest at all? Just what do you all treat me as? Am I a doll for you all to manipulate?!

“What’s more, Bao Junyan is Mu Kexin’s brother-in-law. Just because she shamelessly wants to marry him, you all are now forcing me to divorce him, drug him, and let her bed him! Have you no sense of shame or self-respect?”

Mu Dongsheng, despite finding it immoral, was helpless about it, though! Hence, he could only summon his courage to say, “Xiao Huan, it’s not that I didn’t want to help you back then. I couldn’t do so at all! You know how it is like in the family; I need to ask for money from your grandma. That bit of money isn’t enough for me to spend, let alone help you!”

Exasperation shot through her as she looked at him and scoffed at herself for actually hoping that her father would somehow think about her interest.

Even when she was just a child, he, for fear that his mother would not give him an allowance, turned a blind eye to her abuse and only asked that his wife not do that in front of him. She should not have harbored any hopes about him since then.

“If you don’t agree to do so, your grandma will find other ways to it. By then, you’ll get nothing at all! Just obediently listen to her like I do, alright?

“You know how she’s like. She surely won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. If you provoke her, the one who will be suffering is your granny!”

Even without his reminder, Mu Huan was well aware of it. Still, she would not submit to her just like that!

She was not a doll that they could manipulate at their disposal!

“Xiao Huan, you’ll be forced to do so anyway. Bai Xuexian will surely threaten you with your granny’s life. However, by agreeing to it, not only will you get money, but your granny’s safety will also be guaranteed. Her surgery was very successful. So, as long as she wakes up, she’ll eventually recover. Think about it, could you bear to and feel assured leaving her in Bai Xuexian’s hands?

“Honestly speaking, you don’t have a choice here. What your grandma is giving you is your only way out!”

At the mention of her grandma, Mu Huan thought that she was truly a scheming and manipulative person. She had never once abused her, but she would ignore the abuse she received from her stepmother. Even now, knowing that her daughter-in-law would surely teach her a lesson, not only did she not put a stop to it beforehand, but rather, she even deliberately allowed the former to do so. It was all for the sake of instilling fear in her and letting her know that she could only do as she said.

With drooping eyes, she clenched her hands tightly and ruminated for a long time. “I’ll give Grandma an answer tomorrow at this time.”

“Can’t you answer it now?” The man was afraid to hear his mother scolding him useless, so he wanted an answer from her right now.

Her gaze turned slightly icy as she looked up.

He swiftly took on a pitiful tone. “Xiao Huan, can you bear to let me get scolded by your grandma?”

Mu Huan: “…”

No wonder people said that one must never marry a mommy’s boy. It was true, indeed! It was especially so in the case of her father, who dared not disobey his mother’s words at all cost and was still at her mercy despite his age!

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