The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: You Are My Very, Very Best Hubby!

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The most touching aspect of this scene was the look of unimaginable loving indulgence that this aloof man had when he cast his eyes on the girl.

This scene was so enchantingly beautiful that it sent the sales girl’s heart aflutter!

Even the difference in the couple’s height was a perfect distance!

None of the Korean romantic dramas that the cashier had watched so far could match the romance quotient soaring in the atmosphere right now. The couple’s mere presence at the cashiering counter was enough to move her.

“Hi, missy, we are ready to settle the payment,” Mu Huan said to alert the distracted cashier.

Realizing that she must have been holding a forlorn expression before them, the sales staff quickly recomposed herself with a sheepish smile and collected the payment from them.

As the protagonist looked at the man who was taking out his card to pay for her books, an indescribable feeling arose within her all of a sudden.

This was a man who helped to carry and pay for her books when he saw her holding them. And this extremely good-looking man was her husband!

It was really challenging for her to describe the way she felt at this moment.

After footing the bill, with one hand carrying the books and the other holding her hand, Bao Junyan left the place with her.

As their backs disappeared from their view, the cashier gathered around with a few other sales assistants to share their infatuations!

“Oh, god, what a beautiful scene!”

“Right, right! It was like a scene from a romantic drama!”

“If only I have such a boyfriend…”

“I want one, too…”

“But… when did that beautiful girl enter the store? Why didn’t I notice her earlier?” As customers were few in the evening, the sales staff would have taken note of anyone who walked in.

“I didn’t see her as well…”

“She might have come in when we were all busy at work just now.”

Outside the entrance.

Mu Huan watched the raindrops pelting on the motorcycle that she had parked across the street. Her gaze rested on her machine while feeling the pinch at the same time. She knew her friend would call a taxi to go home later under such a heavy shower. As there were no parking lots for her to park her bike in around this place, this meant that her beloved two-wheels would be left where it was last parked. She wondered if her motorcycle would be damaged after being exposed to a night of rain.

“What happened?” he asked her when he saw her tarrying.

“Actually, I rode my motorcycle here. It’s that machine over there.” She pointed a finger at her beloved bike. “I’m thinking of bringing it back with me or it may be damaged under this heavy rain.”

His eyes followed the direction she was pointing to.

As she often needed to travel far, an average motorcycle would not be able to do the trick. Hence, she had gotten herself a bigger model that could run up to more than a hundred kilometers per hour.

This motorcycle looked so gigantic that the man wondered if it wouldn’t be too dangerous for his petite wife to ride in the first place.

“Well, let it be. You’re not allowed to ride this kind of motorcycle in the future. Get the chauffeur to send you to where you want to go next time.”

Mu Huan: “…”

Am I digging my own grave here?

No way! I’m not going to let my beloved motorcycle get damaged right under my eyes!

“Hubby, Hubby, can you get someone to send this back home, please? This is a good machine, and even if I’m not going to ride it anymore, I can give it away. I would feel the pinch if it were to be damaged under the rain!” She tugged at his elbow as she pleaded coyly.

Bao Junyan: “…”

“Hubby, you are my very, very best hubby. Can you do that, please… pretty please…” she said.

Bao Junyan: “…”

What should he do now when he just could not resist her charm?

“Give it away after it’s sent back home. You can’t ride this anymore!”

“Okay,” she said while nodding in acquiescence.

At the back of his mind, though, he wondered if she would truly stop riding her bike.

The more he interacted with his cute little wifey, the more he realized how different she was from his first impression of her.

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