The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Don’t Poke Me

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A strong gust of cold wind blew over and she sneezed.

Frowning, he said to her, “Get in the car first.” He was worried that she might catch a cold.

“What about my bike?” She was still thinking of her motorcycle.

“I’ll get someone to bring it back.”

“Thank you, Hubby! You’re the best!” she cried out coyly.

Bao Junyan: “…”

As he was someone who hardly smiled, no one had dared to act coquettish before him. His wife was the first.

And, apparently, it felt rather good.

At around midnight.

The drowsy girl was sleeping when she felt that something was amiss. Barely able to open her eyes, she saw a woman approaching her with a syringe. It startled her so much that her body instinctively retracted further into her quilt, and she cried, “Don’t come any closer! I’m going to punch you if you dare to come close!”

The lady doctor was stunned by her threat.

Bao Junyan: “…”

His little wifey was usually adorable, but she could be fierce when she was in a semi-conscious state. Previously, she’d threatened to punch others when she was drunk. It was the same threat again this time.

“Be good, you’re running a fever right now and need an injection.” He did not expect her to have such a poor constitution. After catching a cold gust outside the bookstore, she developed a high fever and refused to take any oral medication.

In the end, he had to get someone to give her an antipyretic injection.

“You’re the one having a fever right now! Stop fooling me! I told all of you to stay away from me! Don’t poke me with a needle or I’ll turn nasty!” Besides hunger, she was most afraid of needles. Very afraid, in fact.

Her stepmother was a doctor, and to prevent others from finding out that she was abusing her stepdaughter, she would use the extra-fine needles to poke into the girl. These were especially painful, and these acts had cast a dark shadow in her young and impressionable mind back then.

Even now that it’s been so many years since her granny had taken her away and she was all grown up, her instinctive fear would still surface at the sight of the needles. This was even after she’d made sure she had learned enough self-defense skills to knock down many, eliminating the need to worry about bullies.

As a young kid, whenever someone found needle wounds on her, her stepmother would cook up a story that these were marks left by acupuncture that she had performed on the girl because she was sick.

Hence, in her drowsy state, she unconsciously assumed that the man was lying when he said that he was giving her treatment because she was running a temperature.

He drew closer to her and coaxed, “Stop fooling around and be good.”

“I’m not good! I won’t be obedient! Let me warn you, if anyone dares to poke me right now, I’ll fight it out with you!” No one, no one ever, was going to drive another needle into her! She was no longer the helpless little girl she was as a kid! Not anymore!

Seeing how the fever had rendered his wife irrational and how he could feel the heat emanating from her as he stepped closer, he decided to force the injection on her.

He reached out, caught hold of her and wanted to place her on his lap.

Although she was out of strength by now, she put up a struggle still. Unfortunately, she was no match against his overpowering muscles, especially when she was down with fever.

She already lost out to him on normal days, even more so now when she was unwell. The helplessness and fear she felt transported her back to her younger days when she was being tortured. The buried memories resurfaced and mingled with the reality in her mind.

Retreating further into his arms, she cried out in trembling fear, “Don’t poke me… don’t poke me… I beg you… don’t poke… don’t poke…

“I’ll be good. I’ll learn to be good, really…

“Don’t poke me… don’t…”

He could not bear to plunge in the needle upon seeing her in such a state of terror. Looking at the doctor, he asked, “She should be able to take in her medication now. Can we change this into an oral dose instead?”

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