The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: A Dark Shadow on Her Mind

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“It will be slower to take effect if it’s taken orally, but we can apply a cold compress to bring down the temperature as well, so it should be fine.” The doctor saw the frightened girl and could not bear to give her the injection as well.

Dipping his head, he told her, “You can avoid the needle, but you have to swallow your medication orally.”

“I’ll take it… I’ll swallow anything… I’ll eat anything… just don’t poke me… don’t poke me…” It was as if she had returned to those days when her stepmother had given her rotten food to consume. As the woman often claimed that her stepdaughter fell sick easily, the girl had to act the part.

Still, she’d rather take in food that had gone bad than to be poked, even though this meant that she’d really fall sick with a bad tummy.

After he fed her the medication, she finally went to sleep.

While dozing off, she would still mumble in her dream: Don’t poke me… don’t poke…

The man watched with furrowed brows.

“There must be a dark shadow cast over madam’s mind,” the lady doctor said.

He looked at her intently.

She knew this was a signal for her to go on. “Even though there are many people out there who are afraid of needles, and some of them would even faint at the sight, their reactions are not as drastic as hers. Moreover, madam was telling us not to poke her instead of saying that she did not want an injection.”

His face sank gradually.

His wife must have endured great suffering to have such a deep fear of needles. The thought of his lovely and obedient wife having been ruthlessly tortured made his blood boil with the desire for vengeance for a split second.

Her fever finally subsided around dawn. As she had her fitful sleep, he left her in the bedroom to go to the study room.

This was when PA Wang received an order to investigate her childhood at the Mu family.

The sun was setting when she woke up finally. She looked to be in a daze the moment she opened her eyes, staring dumbly at the surroundings.

“You’ve woken up.”

She turned her head only when she heard a voice speaking to her.

The dusk cast a glow on the man’s body, shrouding him in a ring of halo that accentuated his surreal beauty.

This sight made her sigh in wonderment. “I must have been a savior to the galaxy in my past life 1.”

If not, she could not have married him.

With him beside her, how was she going to settle for just any man in the future? Would she need to prepare herself to be single and lonely for the rest of her life, then?

“What do you mean by saving the galaxy? Are you hallucinating?” He was ignorant of internet slangs and, thus, of what she meant by her expression.

He thought she was still in a feverish stupor to utter nonsense.

“Why are you so good-looking?” She reached out to touch his face out of the blue, her eyes looking misty because she was mesmerized.

With his white shirt refracting the light from the sun-rays, he looked ethereally handsome.

Bao Junyan: “…”

This was the first time someone held his face and told him he looked good, actually.

“Hai…” She sighed again suddenly.

“What is it?”

“I’m hungry.” Sitting up, she recomposed herself and retracted her hand.

Bao Junyan: “…”

Isn’t her 180-degree change in stance too abrupt and sudden?

“What time is it now? Has the sun just risen?” she asked upon seeing the crimson ball hanging outside the window. But very soon, she realized that this was not what she had reckoned it to be. “The sun looks like it’s setting!”

“I’m glad to see that the fever has not rendered you dumb.” He reached out to ruffle her hair.

Mu Huan: “…”

Something’s wrong.

“Did I have a fever?”

“Yes, and you were burning close to 40 degrees Celcius. Most adults would hardly catch a high fever, and you caught a chill just because of a cold gust. Your body’s constitution is really poor so you need training. I have engaged a professional trainer and nutritionist. From now on, you’ll follow their instructions in your diet and training to improve your health.”

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