The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Ruin Their Reputation

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“That’s not possible! He promised me that he’d take good care of my sister! He’ll let her have a normal upbringing and receive a good education!” His younger sister was his greatest weakness; thus, when he heard what she said, he could not keep his cool and burst out in great agitation.

“Can you believe a bad guy’s words?” she asked with a raised brow, and then took out some photos with the image of his sister undergoing escort training.

Looking at these photos, he clenched his fists tightly and, after a long while, asked, “Then, what about you? Can I trust your words? What if you can’t deliver what you promise and my sister is harmed? What if that happens?!”

The lead host was worried that Mu Huan had been sent by the boss of the clubhouse to test his loyalty. Hence, he’d feigned ignorance at first.

Although he was convinced that she was not sent by him, he was doubtful that she had the ability to save his sister.

“How about this? I’ll save your sister first, and it won’t be traced back to you. You can then agree to my proposal after you’ve ensured your sister’s safety. What do you think?” She’d thrown the proposition to him with her brow raised.

“Are you able to do that?” He eyed her, looking dubious. No matter how he looked at her, she only appeared as a mere 18- or 19-year-old girl to him! Even if she was capable enough to find out all these secrets about him and had even taken all these pictures, she would not be able to face off against that formidable boss!

“The boss of this clubhouse is very influential. Even those with some power could not touch him, let alone you, a little girl…” The lead host was well aware that his sister would not be safe in the boss’s hands. Thus, from his initial reluctance, he had become proactive to get to know the rich ladies, hoping to find a way to save his sister through them.

But he failed every time.

His sister was punished by the boss each time he failed. Hence, he dared not try anymore.

“I know he’s powerful, so do you think I would make this deal with you if I didn’t have the assurance to save her? I would have been too worried about my life to do this!”

“How do you plan to save my sister from him?”

“You don’t have to know what I’m gonna do. All you need to do is to decide if you agree to my terms,” she told him indifferently.

He was still undecided as he looked at her when, right at this moment, he received a call from a colleague in the clubhouse who was on good terms with him.

He answered the call first while trying to decide what to do next.

“Bro, the boss lied to me… I was fooled by him… He did not get medical care for my mother. She died a while ago and no one turned up at the morgue for her. I just found out that she has been there for more than six months… I only found out now…”

His colleague on the other end of the line was sobbing hysterically.

His hand that was carrying the phone was trembling.

After putting down the phone, he paused for a long time before lifting his eyes to look at her. “Who do you want me to seduce?”

He decided to give it a shot, but he needed to have a trump card, too!

She knew he had to have some form of assurance. Without saying anything more, she passed the photos of Bai Xuexian and Mu Kexin to him. “I want you to seduce this mother-daughter pair.”

“Mother-daughter pair?”

“That’s right, the mother and the daughter.”

“You want me to ruin their reputation?” He was smart enough to deduce her intention.

“That’s correct.” She wanted Bai Xuexian to go to hell! Whoever dared to touch her granny would be ruthlessly destroyed!

He stored away the photos and asked, “Aren’t you worried that I might look for these two ladies with the photos you’ve given me? This mature woman looks rich and influential. She may have a higher chance of rescuing my sister than you do.”

“Will you do that?” She raised a brow.

“No. However, if my sister falls into any danger because of you, I’ll drag you down to suffer as well!” he told her viciously.


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